Shams AL Manama Real Estate is a full service real estate company located in the heart of Manama, the Kingdom of Bahrain. We provide you with a wide range of services from development, sale, rent, and property management. We serve both individual clients and project developers. Our focus is to provide unrivalled specialized services in high-quality properties.

Our agency is formed under the umbrella of Shams AL Manama W.L.L. with a proven track record national and international in strategic development and operational plans, investment, property innovation, rent and sales.

About Us

Shams AL Manama Real Estate W.L.L. is a subsidiary of Shams AL Manama W.L.L. based in the Kingdom of Bahrain with 4 branches in UAE, SWEDEN, EGYPT, and BOSNIA . The company focuses on providing a full range of consultancy services in the real estate sector to developers, landlords, individuals and corporate clients.

Our company was founded in 2010, and over the years has successfully completed numerous development projects around the world worth in excess of BHD 15 million. As a result of our various services and the company’s knowledge.

Step through our doors and you’ll find a multinational, diversified team of highly competent and knowledgeable professionals offering a full range of services covering all aspects of brokerage, property management and maintenance.

Our expertise covers:
– Project development including design and built, market assessment and project launching
– Assistance in international property purchase
– Property and facility management
– We have built a strong reputation by providing creative solutions, personalized service and agile responsiveness earning the trust and respect of clients and making us one of the strongest companies for real estate developer.

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Directors & Executives

Chairman & Managing Director

Eng. Ibrahim has over 60 years of Management Experience, the majority of which has been in the construction field. He is partner and Chairman for Shams Saudi Electromechanical Company from 1977 to 1996 in KSA; and for Suwadi & Shams contracting Company from 1995 till date in UAE. In 2001 Eng. Ibrahim started his unique manufacturing business under the name “SASCO AIRCODITIONING INDUSTRY” in UAE.

In 2010 Eng. Ibrahim took a decision to start his real estate business under the name “Shams Al Manama”. Eng. Ibrahim speaks English, Arabic.

Partner and Senior Consultant

Ahmad is a Civil Engineering graduate and MBA from NYIT USA. Ahmad has over 15 year experience in a variety of positions within “Suwadi & Shams contracting Company “in UAE. Prior to joining Shams Almanama he held the position of General Manager “Suwadi & Shams contracting Company “in UAE and was a member of the Senior Management Team.

Ahmad is a MBA graduate from NYIT USA.

Partner and Country Manager

Abdullah held numerous senior managerial positions in the areas of Treasury, projects coordination and Cash Management. In 2001, Abdullah was Partner and Operation Manager of “Suwadi & Shams contracting Company “in UAE. In addition to be being a member of the senior management team, he was responsible for the VIP customer relations. Prior to joining “SASCO AIRCODITIONING INDUSTRY” in 2005, he was Partner and Factory Manager.

From 2010 till 2013 Abdullah held position of Country Manager of “Bonyan Limitless Engineering” in Egypt. From 2013 Abdullah selected to hold position of Country Manager of this real estate business. Abdullah is a Commerce graduate and MBA from NYIT USA.

Partner and Marketing Manager

Belal has over 10 years’ experience in sales and marketing including promotion and public relations. Belal is a managing partner of “SASCO AIRCODITIONING INDUSTRY”, one of the leading air conditioning industry in UAE.

During his time with SASCO he was in charge of developing and managing various accounts, negotiating with business partners and attracting advertisers and was in charge of planning and public relations.

Belal has a Major in Pharmacist and MBA from NYIT USA.

Company Overview

SHAMS GROUP , A group is a proverbial bowl teeming with a re-source of unlimited potential: people, at SHAMS GROUP, we believe that corporate competitiveness in the 21st century hinges on people who satisfied the clients are with its services.

It’s the people that breathe life into company and give meaning to its existence.

As a pioneer in recognizing the value of people, SHAMS GROUP goals are nothing short of making people’s dream true.

You are cordially invited to a future that is bigger and wider – brought to your by SHAMS GROUP.

Since its inception in 1977 in KSA, Shams Group has developed into the country’s leader in Contracting , and Real Estate fields.

In 1996 and due to the sharp vision of the owners to the construction boom developing in UAE, the group extends its facility to Abu Dhabi. (AL SWAIDI & SHAMS CO.)

In 2010 and due to the sharp vision of the owners to the construction boom developing in BAHRAIN, the group extends its facility to Almanama. (SHAMS ALMANAMA CO.)

In 2006 and due to the sharp vision of the owners to the construction boom developing in EGYPT, the group extends its facility to Cairo. (BONYAN LIMITLESS CO.)

In 2010 and due to the sharp vision of the owners to the construction boom developing in SWEDEN, the group extends its facility to Stockholm. (SHAMS SWEDEN CO.).)

Shams Group continues to raise the bar as world –class competitors both here and abroad in construction works.

Moreover, without ultimate corporate mission to “offer superior level of services,” all our efforts are geared toward client’s satisfaction and delight.
We are leveraging our considerable resources toward developing new capabilities and cultivating human potential and satisfying client needs by proving the best quality and enhanced services, and we will ensure ever sounder, transparent management and fulfill our social responsibility of giving back to our clients.

Our GROUP is one of the leading professional in Real Estate Developer. We have delivered many projects over years under the supervision of international consultants. That continues to be the leader in our field. The high quality of our outcomes, products and the reliability of our services have enabled us to take a place among the best.

SHAMS GROUP focuses on meeting the demand of their customers. It has established a strong relationship with most of the biggest contracting companies, giving them a very high quality product starting from Zero customer feedback time, Zero outcome improvement time, Zero purchasing time, Zero setup time and ending by Zero defects.

SHAMS GROUP has a strong management team with an aggregate experience of over 60 years in the air conditioning ductwork industry. Projects are completed in time and on budget. With SHAMS GROUP extensive resources and knowledge gained from working in all sectors of the industry, they are able to tailor a project team to meet every client requirement. SHAMS GROUP also have a highly skilled workforce ensure strength and reliability.

Our mission is to offer superior level of Real State to the market and provide engineered solutions to workplace related work quality problems on a global scale.

Our vision is to be the Middle East leader in the supply of Real Estate and workplace work quality solutions in order to provide a better, safer and healthier life for people everywhere.


The company ethos stands for:

Integrity: In our dealings with customers, employees, authorities, suppliers, neighbors and the public.

Quality: In our outcomes, products and services, in our work process, manufacturing methods and general management.

Technology: In our particular fields of research, work alternative methods, product development, engineering and manufacturing.

Growth: In sales, profits and strength within our areas of special interest and competence.

Progress: Toward an environment where our people have increasing opportunities for contribution, fulfillment and reward

SHAMS ALMANMA specialized in Real Estate in parcel with investing in properties.

SHAMS ALMANMA, as it is popular know in the Real Estate sectors, provides complete, collaborative, end-to-end solutions, infusing life into new buildings and sustaining life in existing ones.

We also offer our clients high performance facility operation that improves productivity, reduce consumption & operating costs thereby providing long-term value.

We recognize the importance of listening to, understanding and responding to the needs of our clients, we consistently seek to improve our performance by developing and utilizing the best skills and adopting the most effective technology. We strive for excellence by taking pride in what we do.

Being a services-oriented company, we endeavor our best to deliver the best solution to every problem and exceed the expectations of our clients. We honor our commitment to our clients, suppliers and employees to win and retain their trust.

We aim to provide products and services that are unsurpassed in quality and reliability, achieved through detailed planning and hands-on-management.

We conduct all aspects of our business with the highest level of professionalism in an ethical and legal manner. We are totally committed to uphold and honor integrity and dignity in the engineering profession.